Picassos Guernica in 3D

von Markus Trapp — 09.05.2008, 19:28 Uhr

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Pablo Picassos unvergleichliches Bild Guernica wird in diesem digitalen Kunstprojekt um eine dritte Dimension erweitert. Beeindruckend und verstörend zugleich.

Die Künstlerin Lena Gieseke über ihr Projekt:

My primary intention for the project was to create a provoking and deep contemplation of Pablo Picasso’s Guernica. Is my model a true reconstruction of the Picasso’s painting, or is it merely a rough re-visualization? Is it still Picasso’s art or has it, through my addition of third dimension, become something completely different? It is not my place to answer those questions nor to determine the relationship between my three-dimensional reproduction and the original painting.

Informationen zu Guernica in cibera cibera.

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